Why Do You Want To Study Abroad?

A 9-Part Series.

Part 1.

Welcome to our nine-part series on things to consider before studying abroad. It’s a big decision and it takes a lot of preparation. Our series highlights key points to address before and once you’ve made your decision. We start with the obvious question... Why Do You Want To Study Abroad?

A good starting point is establishing why you want to study abroad. This can help you determine your destination country and university choices. Your reason might be as simple as you want the adventure and you want to experience life in another country. Or you have a deep interest in a particular country. Or you have always wanted to attend a particular university.

Or your chosen university has an excellent programme for your area of study. Be clear on what’s motivating you and if that leads you to a particular country or choice of universities, let that be your guide. No matter where you choose and why, make sure the programme you’re taking meets your requirements and will give you the choices you want once your studies are completed. Consider getting help to make your decision. Student counsellors and agents who specialise in helping students study abroad can be a great resource.

Do your homework before engaging anyone. Get recommendations. Check references and Google reviews. Do your homework before you hire someone to help you. If you want to study abroad and think you’ve got the grades and financial means, contact one of ProEd’s counsellors to find out how they can help make the process quicker and easier. ProEd is a premier advisory service dedicated to helping international students find their best fit school abroad. Check our Contact Us page to find out how to get in touch.

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