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ProEd follows a proven process for helping students

The path to studying abroad can be stressful. Let ProEd’s experts remove the stress

A proven process

Our counsellors follow a proven process serving students up to three years away from finishing high school or in their final year.

Strong application

This means when the time comes, you are submitting strong applications that give you the best chance of getting the offers you want.

Remove guess work

They remove the guesswork and make sure you are properly advised on every step of your study abroad journey.

Placed students in top universities

We have helped students get into Ivy League, Russell Group and other top 100 schools. There are plenty of other fantastic universities outside of these where we have also successfully placed hundreds of students.

Our comprehensive counselling service includes

Identifying career/academic objectives
Psychometric testing
Determining preferred country/countries of study
Determining best programmes/schools for the student – this is about more than just grades
Identifying scholarship opportunities where available
Identifying pre-application skill/academic development programmes to strengthen college/university applications
Helping to prepare and submit the strongest applications possible
Helping students review offers and decide which one to accept
Helping with visa applications
Preparing to go abroad
Post-arrival support as needed
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Standard Services for Students in Different Grades

Services for Grades 9 & 10 (Years 10 & 11 British System)

Psychometric Test
Recommend online courses on subjects of interest
Recommend local and overseas programmes
Recommend internships depending on subject interest
Recommend short online courses to build the student’s profile
Discuss school activities and give guidance on recommended revisions
Recommend subjects depending on the student’s interests
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Dashboard mockup

Services for Grade 11 (Year 12, British System)

Any services above not yet provided
Help student determine best countries of study to consider
Provide guidance on standard tests and when to take them
Guidance on meeting extracurricular requirements
Work placements or internships depending on subjects of interest
Guidance on first SAT attempt and/or IELTS/TOEFL exams
Prepare students for writing essays to go with applications to schools abroad

Final Year of High School

Any service above not yet provided
Help student choose destination country
Determine best fit programme options for students
Advance planning for applications
Ensure all application deadlines are met
Create shortlist of colleges/universities
Help student with personal essays
Guidance on letters of recommendation
Guidance on standard tests and reattempts
Ensure all application documentation is in order
Help complete and submit strong applications
Review offers to help make the best decision for the student
Assist with visa applications
Post-arrival support as needed
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