Academic Qualifications

Part 2 of 9.

Welcome to Part 2 of our 9-part series on what to consider before studying abroad.

This time we cover...

Academic Qualifications

If you plan to study abroad, before you decide what universities to apply to, make sure you’ve got the required grades. You don’t need straight A+s to get a place abroad – unless you want to go to somewhere like Harvard. With decent grades, you’re eligible for a strong choice of excellent universities. Just make sure your grades mean you’ll have a good chance of an offer from the universities you apply to. A high school diploma is the starting point. Some universities may also require entrance exam results.

If you’ve already completed part of your university studies in your home country, make sure the universities you’re applying to abroad will give you credit for the courses you’ve taken if that’s something you want. Some programmes may also require a portfolio of your work: art, design and writing are some examples. If you want to study abroad and think you’ve got the grades and financial means, contact one of ProEd’s experienced counsellors to find out how they can help make the process quicker and easier.

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