Test Preparation

Tests May Be Standardised But Your Test Plan Is Not


ProEd & Proper-Choice offers experienced SAT & AP Examination coaches and customized test prep plan based on the learning style, personality, and academic needs of students.

  • Diagnostic Tests
    Students enjoy results when start with data. Our mock SAT and detailed score report helps us to pinpoint student’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Complimentary Consultation
    Our Expert Education consultant will meet you to review diagnostic exam results and assess transcripts and graduation goals so we can make a target plan for students.
  • One-to-One Private Coaching, Small Group Instruction / Training
    We will recommend a plan that aligns with your needs, whether that includes one-to-one in tutoring or small group instructions.
  • Proven Curriculum
    Our workbook-based curricula provides an approachable guide for students. Practice using real, full-length practice tests provided at-a-glance analytics, keeping finger on the pulse of progress.
  • Focus on Three key Areas
    Strategy, Content & Pace.
  • Trainer Profile

  • M.Tech and Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and communication
  • Former Asst. Professor
  • Over 9 years of experience as trainer.
  • Over 1000 Students has been trained individually.
  • Specialized in SAT, SAT Subjects, ACT, AP, GMAT & GRE
  • MA in English with Communication Studies
  • Over 6 years of experience in training & Teaching
  • Former Assistant Professor in English
  • Verbal Trainer for SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, IELTS and TOEFL Exam preparation

Sample testing timeline for COLLEGE- BOUND STUDENTS

You’re an individual, and your test prep plan should be tailored to your strengths and aspirations. Maybe you’re an average student, or maybe you have Ivy League dreams. Either way, your best bet is to consult ProEd to create your testing timeline. Here’s a typical testing calendar you can start with!

Take October or February PSAT or PLAN SAT

Take a practice SAT exam to determine your score scale and support required. Begin SAT Prep also for students who have completed Algebra 2. Note: Some students may start earlier or later.

Take first SAT

Take May AP Exams, may SAT June SAT Subject tests. *Only necessary for students with a remarkable academic strength in a particular subject.

Study for any remaining subject tests or SAT’s you must complete.

Complete any final standardized tests.


  • Math Section:
    The 80-minute Math section includes a Calculator (38 questions) and a No-Calculator (20 questions) section in the areas of Algebra, Problem Solving, Data Analysis, Advanced Math topics like Geometry, Trigonometry and Complex Numbers. Your understanding of mathematical concepts and their application to solve real world problems will be tested.
  • Evidence-Based Reading & Writing
    Measures your skills in Command of Evidence, Words in Context, Analysis in History, Social Sciences & Science, and Standard English Conventions. The Reading section is 65-minutes long with 52 questions distributed across 5 reading passages. The Writing section includes 44 questions across 4 packages, to be completed in 35-minutes.
  • The SAT Essay
    This section measures your understanding of the given passage, effective use of textual evidence, ability to analyze content, and capacity to write a cohesive and compelling essay.