Summer Planning

Once you reach high school, it is important to start thinking about the next step: Your career. While it may be a daunting task, you can engage in many activities, starting in 9th, to help you to begin to understand what your talents are, and possible career choices.

ProEd is happy to bring to you a unique opportunity! Make use of your summers in a fruitful and productive manner. With the summer being a rare period of the year where students have free time, summer programs can be a huge guide to students in their search for the perfect university and profession. In addition to being a fun experience, you can earn college credit, get a huge return on investment (in the form of scholarship when you apply to university), and even add points to your college application!

Many universities host pre-college summer programs that you can attend (for college credit). You can take classes, live on campus, and experience what its like to be a college student even before you apply! Additionally, there are many other organizations that host summer programs oriented toward fun activities while educating about different careers.

Proed offers a number of summer service packages to help students plan their summers and apply for the right program for them. We work directly with universities and summer programs that are top-tier locally and worldwide, including Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, Catech, Harvard, Brown, Berklee, Columbia, and UC San Diego, amongst others. Students can explore fields from art and architecture, to engineering and medicine (even conducting a medical internship). If the programs offered by these universities do not meet your needs, we have a catalog of 80+ summer programs which will help you prepare for university. No matter what your preference, we will guide you through the planning and application process by:

  • Determining the right program based on cost, duration and time
  • Brainstorming and writing essays/personal statements
  • Providing assistance for letters of recommendation

For students who wish to forgo the university experience, we also help to plan productive, well-aimed summers which will help students in either their university preparation and planning or to learn more about their career options. Contact one of our educational consultants in Dubai today to learn more about the importance of summer planning, and how to get started.