Student Internship

Understanding The Admission Process

The competition for admission into top universities globally continues to increase. Gone are the days when students must simply be more qualified than the person next to them academically, you have to be more qualified than countless others all around the world. Going to a college or university is a critical step, but you can greatly enhance your chances of being accepted by gaining real world experience through work experience, also known as internships in other parts of the world.

Some advantages for students who have done job shadowing:

  • They have a clear edge over other students in understanding their desired career paths.
  • They can test out alternate career paths. It allows students to discover that one niche of a field may be a better fit than another
  • They can discover gaps between classroom learning and the necessary skills for employment in their career, and can strategize how to fill those gaps.
  • Sharpens students inter-personal skills by interacting with people on a professional level.  The same goes for the teamwork, communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills that employers look for.
  • They gain confidence. If students are afraid of facing the work force when they graduate, an internship will teach them that they can do it.
  • They will build motivation and work habits.

A growing numbers of colleges require internships, and if universities are requiring them, they must be convinced that internships are important. Similarly, studies show increasing numbers of students are completing internships. Presumably these students know that internships are valuable for all the reasons listed above. So, more successfully a student portrays the achievements that a college seeks, the better the chances are that they will be admitted and concomitantly the better college a student gets, the more satisfying it is for us as an upcoming study abroad consultant in Dubai

How Proed can help you?

The ProEd Project (PP) engages students with an intensive job shadowing experience in a professional, while under the guidance of industry professionals from various fields who serve as the students mentor. The program is a structured and guided experiential learning program for students currently seeking the support services of ProEd.

It will be a three to four days program, and inclusive of some of our ProEd admission packages where ProEd students will be working in an organization for 4-5 hours along with a mentor (industry professional). Students present their project information at the end of the experience. The student will be given a certificate of experience and the same can be mentioned in his or her profile when applying for universities.

The project is a part of ProEds select admission packages without any additional cost and to support and strengthen the student profile.