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Understanding the selective college Admission process

Start early and get the guidance you need to excel in high school and prepare for college.

Get a head start on the college application process.
The admissions process is like a race- if you start early, you are more likely to win. Your first year of high school is the perfect time to start building a track record for your academics, committed involvement in extracurricular activities, and strong test scores. Careful and thorough pre-college prep is what numerous education consultants believe is the prerequisite to a glorious future and career.

What Is Your Perfect Fit?

It is not merely about securing a seat in a college that is academically strong with a world-renowned reputation, as there are a multitude of factors that must be taken into account, before finalizing a college. Your aptitude, manner of working and studying should match with the mission and composition of the university because only then will you be able to work to the best of your capabilities and reap the most out of your college time.
A wrong choice can jeopardize your education and also frustrate you, so choose wisely and carefully and preferably with some help.
Maximize your chances of attending your dream school
ProEd prides itself on being one of the most leading education consultants in Dubai by providing the most unqiue and cusomizable Pre-College Prep Consulting Services. These services encompass a number of things ranging from choosing the right high school to making requests for recommendation letters at the right places and in the appropriate manner. So whether you are planning on applying for colleges but have not yet completed the application forms, or are preparing supplementary materials, you must review the services mentioned below to get to know which service could be most helpful for you based on your current scenario. ProEd’s USP is that all its consulting services are customizable, hence the features we offer will be edited and changed to match a specific set of requirements.
In our pre-college prep consulting packages, our education consultants hold numerous one-on-one sessions with you to ensure that you get admitted to the best possible university.

College Addmissions & Application Consulting Services From ProEd

Make use of our customized advice and expert guidance to improve your college applications. As one of the most innovative study abroad consultants in Dubai we share with you our unique insights and secrets on improving college applications and essays, and more.

Get Expert Help with the Complicated College Application Process.

ProEd’s admission consultants are chosen by a large number of students because of their extensive guidance, which is not just limited to form-filling and college admissions essays, like many other education consultancies. Contrary to the general opinion, college applications are not merely about the personal statement/essay, and should include many other things like resumes, additional essays, letters of recommendation, interviews, and so on. In addition to this our education consultants’ help is also imperative in deciding the college, time of application and how to apply. ProEd admissions offers you various types of college admissions consulting services, depending on the level of assistance that you need and we will stand by you until you reach the finish line.
Even though we are a very structured organisation of education consultants in Dubai and have fixed application services they can all be tailored to suit your needs and goals with the help of a ProEd admissions consultant designated to help you. The first thing that we conduct is an analysis and identification of your academic strengths and explore your future ambitions, in case you are still unsure. Our college admissions consulting packages are designed in such a manner so as to maximize the benefits that you shall gain with our cooperation and so we enable you to identify by yourself which aspects of your application require more attention than others.

Our College Admissions Consulting Services

Our admission consultants will not only help you in easy navigation through the admission process but will also help you decide which package should you choose, with ProEd, in order to get most benefits as per your requirements and needs.
The College Application Essay Editing Help You Need—Guaranteed.
Finally, all of ProEd packages are designed to assist you in writing both the general personal statement and other college application essay prompts, of any length, specific to your application. Essays are a medium for the colleges to identify the students worthy of private scholarships, and you should look at it positively as it may serve the purpose of an explanatory statement to prove that a low test score or poor grade does not accurately reflect your true academic potential. Regardless of the situation, ProEd Admissions provides you with experienced, professional admissions consultants who can help you shape, refine, and edit your college admissions essay to enhance your application and make you irresistible to those university admissions officers!