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1. This test aids to understanding overall personality, preferences and strengths - which will almost always be a mixture in each individual person.
2. The types of intelligence that a person possesses indicates not only a persons capabilities, but also the manner or method in which they prefer to learn and develop their strengths.
3. It provides absolutely pivotal and inescapable indication as to people's preferred learning styles, as well as their behavioural and working styles, and their natural strengths.

Select the score for each statement from the drop down menu : 1 = Mostly Disagree, 2 = Slightly Disagree, 3 = Slightly Agree, 4 = Mostly Agree

I like to learn more about myself
I find it easiest to solve problems when I am doing something physical
I find budgeting and managing my money easya
I find it easy to make up stories
I have always been very co-ordinated
When talking to someone, I tend to listen to the words they use not just what they mean
I enjoy cross words, word searches or other word puzzles
I don’t like ambiguity, I like things to be clear
I enjoy logic puzzles such as 'sudoku'
I like to meditate
I am very interested in psychometrics (personality testing) and IQ tests
People behaving irrationally annoy me
I find that the music that appeals to me is often based on how I feel emotionally
I am a very social person and like being with other people
I like to be systematic and thorough
I find graphs and charts easy to understand
I can throw things well - darts, skimming pebbles, frisbees, etc
I find it easy to remember quotes or phrases
I can always recognise places that I have been before, even when I was very young
When I am concentrating I tend to doodle
I could manipulate people if I choose to
I can predict my feelings and behaviours in certain situations fairly accurately
I find mental arithmetic easy
I can identify most sounds without seeing what causes them
At school one of may favourite subject is / was English
I like to think through a problem carefully, considering all the consequences
I enjoy debates and discussions
I love adrenaline sports and scary rides
I enjoy individual sports best
I care about how those around me feel
My house is full of pictures and photographs
I enjoy and am good at making things - I'm good with my hands
I like having music on in the background
I find it easy to remember telephone numbers
I set myself goals and plans for the future
I am a very tactile person
I can tell easily whether someone likes me or dislikes me
I can easily imagine how an object would look from another perspective
I never use instructions for flat-pack furniture
I find it easy to talk to new people
To learn something new, I need to just get on and try it
I often see clear images when I close my eyes
I don’t use my fingers when I count
I often talk to myself – out loud or in my head
At school I loved / love music lessons
When I am abroad, I find it easy to pick up the basics of another language
I find ball games easy and enjoyable
My favourite subject at school is / was maths
I always know how I am feeling
I am realistic about my strengths and weaknesses
I keep a diary
I am very aware of other people’s body language
My favourite subject at school was / is art
I find pleasure in reading
I can read a map easily
It upsets me to see someone cry and not be able to help
I am good at solving disputes between others
I have always dreamed of being a musician or singer
I prefer team sports
Singing makes me feel happy
I never get lost when I am on my own in a new place
If I am learning how to do something, I like to see drawings and diagrams of how it works
I am happy spending time alone
My friends always come to me for emotional support and advice