Assessment Instructions

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Welcome to ProEd Career Assessment Centre. This assessment has been designed to help students understand how a variety of personal attributes (i.e., data values, preferences, motivations, aptitudes and skills), impact their potential success and satisfaction with different career options and work environments. It has been scientifically designed for guidance to help you find right stream, course and career in accordance with your personality and abilities. The program starts with a Test followed by a Results Report and counseling from experts.

Things to keep in mind

  1. 1. These tests are applicable to learners of grade 9 to 12.
  2. 2. You cannot take the test more than once as repetitive attempts may affect your result. The test is mapped to instinctive responses.
  3. 3. Test to be taken in one go, there is NO provision to stop and resume the test. Hence take the test within quiet environment where you may be able to give complete focus.
  4. 4. You are not in competition with anyone. Hence, be honest in responding to the questions asked, in order to get accurate result about your Personality, Ability, Interest, Intelligence, Learning Style & Logical Reasoning.
  5. 5. Make sure you are undisturbed during the period of test.
  6. 6. You should have uninterrupted power supply and internet connection.
  7. 7. The report should be taken as an indicator or a facilitator for career choices and effective career planning in life.
  8. 8. Make sure to click SUBMIT button once you complete the test.
  9. 9. Your result will be kept confidential.
  10. 10. The test comprises of 6 sub-tests: Personality, Ability, Interest, Multiple Intelligence, Learning Style & Logical Reasoning.
  11. 11. Duration of the full Assessment Test is 60 minutes and comprises of 253 questions in total.

The test has the following order and respective time limit:

Personality is basically “who you are”. It is very basic to everyone; nobody can change his/her personality entirely though modifications can always be made with time. It plays a vital role in choosing the right career. 10 minutes, 50 Questions
Ability refers to possessing more of a natural talent for a task, even if that talent is not yet fully developed. Whereas aptitude indicates something a person is able to do well, specifically ‘what you are good at’. One can develop an ability to do something without the natural aptitude for it, through hard work and adaptation 8 minutes, 39 Questions
This assessment analysis helps you to discover your Career Interests and to judge the most appropriate career for you based on ‘What are your interests’ among the various choices available. 10 minutes, 55 Questions
Multiple intelligence refers to a theory describing the different ways students learn and acquire information. To increase your learning success, you need to know ‘What is your intellectual strength’. 12 minutes, 62 Questions
Understanding your Learning Style can help you remember information more easily, solve problems more effectively, and understand concepts more naturally.
This is a good first step in exploring ‘How you learn’.
5 minutes, 24 Questions
Logical and Abstract Reasoning is most closely related to fluid intelligence; our ability to quickly reason with information to solve new, unfamiliar problems, independent of any prior knowledge.
Assess your ability to analyse information, detect patterns and relationships, and solve problems on a complex and intangible level with this test.
15 minutes, 23 Questions


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