Career Possibility Assessment

We all find some activities or topics more interesting than others. These preferences are dependent on who you are and the way you like to work. These are important aspects to consider when deciding on a career path. Take this Personality Test and find out more about who you are and your strengths. Answer these questions to find out if your personality is

1. Directive
2. Social
3. Methodical
4. Objective
5. Innovative

10 Minutes, 50 questions

From the options, as per your preference, rate on the scale of 5

5. Extremely interested
4. Very interested
3. Moderately interested
2. Slightly interested
1. Not interested at all

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Career counselling is an effort for students’ career guidance about the available career options as per their interest and stream of academics.It is the process in which psychological assessments and interviewing techniques are used by the experts to guide the students to make an informed decision about their future career prospects.

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